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Discovering The Path To Your Future

We are here to assist you both in the beginning of the financial planning process as well as in subsequent years as your life changes and your plan may need to change as well. The client must trust that the advisor will provide knowledgeable recommendations, and the advisor must trust that the client will follow their advice. We have a very specific process by which we engage our clients to create a unique strategic financial plan, help achieve their personal goals and, ultimately “discover the path to your future”.


Initial Meeting

Before we are able to thoroughly understand your financial goals and aspirations, we first will take a holistic and comprehensive look into your current financial position. We conceptualize your personal milestones and take a “snapshot” of your current finances. It is at this point that we mutually decide if it will benefit both of us from a long-term professional relationship. We are selective in who we work with to ensure that our clients align with our values as a firm.

Plan Creation

Once we decide to work together, we will review your documents, research your particular issues and concerns (communicating with other professionals where necessary) and design your financial plan according to your personal milestones.

Your financial plan will take into account adequate cash reserves, risk management, estate planning (wills and trusts), investment strategies, and efficient tax strategies.


Approximately two weeks after our initial meeting, we will meet to present your personalized plan to you. We will make a number of recommendations to move you toward your personal milestones. At this meeting, we will also answer questions that you may have and outline the necessary action steps.


In many ways implementation is the critical component of our planning process; gathering your documents and paying for a financial plan will not help you achieve your financial goals and fulfill your values unless and until you follow through and take action. We will coach you along on those steps, which require action on your part.

In addition to creating your investment portfolio, we will circle back with any other advisors or professionals as needed (CPAs, Lawyers, etc.) to address all of the non-investment action items we’ve identified during our discovery.


Our goal is to keep you on track and that means checking in to make sure you are meeting milestones. Approximately 3 months following the plan presentation, we will meet again to review implementation.

We want to ensure that you are still on track and have not encountered any roadblocks. We also verify that there are no loose ends or areas you need help implementing. We also take time to review our communication and ensure you understand any statements we are sending you.


Just as your life will continue to evolve and change, so too should your financial plan grow and change over time. To ensure your financial plan changes with your needs, we meet with you annually to adjust goals where necessary, monitor progress toward the goals and make adjustments as needed. Our expectation through this entire process is that we will build a mutually beneficial, long-term professional relationship. Our ultimate goal is to leave you so pleased with our services that you spontaneously refer us to your family, friends and associates.