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About Us

Client Centered

Magnus Wealth Management strives to create a clear financial path and inspires individuals to pursue long term objectives they are truly passionate about. The Latin term Magnus, meaning “large, important and great,” is used to describe our comprehensive financial planning process. In order to create a customized financial plan for each of our clients, we strive to discover their core values and dreams.

Our ideal clients are able to see the big picture:

  • care for family, community or someone or something other than themselves
  • are serious about personal financial planning and success
  • understand the power of delegation so that they can focus on the most important aspects of their lives
  • are receptive to a long-term professional relationship with us

Comprehensive Financial Planning in Erie, PA

At Magnus Wealth Management, we provide financial planning and investment management services to clients throughout the Tri-State Area of Northeast Ohio, Northwest Pennsylvania, and Western New York from our office in Erie, PA.

For over 35 years, our practice has helped many families plan their future and manage their finances. Operating as a boutique family firm, we provide a lasting relationship unique to each client.

Recently, we changed our firm’s name from Renaissance Strategic Planning LLC to Magnus Wealth Management. After much reflection, we decided that this new name better represents our firm and more accurately depicts who we are and the way we strive to serve each of our clients. Our new name exemplifies our mission to help you ensure your Magnus life goals are met.


Improve Your Quality of Life Through Financial Planning

Wealth is more than what is measured on a balance sheet. Wealth includes our families and loved ones, our businesses and those who have helped it succeed, our careers and partners, even our future and dreams. This is why we have made comprehensive life and wealth planning the foundation of our firm.


Providing You With A Strategic Financial Roadmap

By creating a strategic financial roadmap based on your own core values, our advisors work with you to develop a financial strategy that meets your needs.

As one of our clients, you are entitled to know your money is being handled according to a plan based on what is important to you. This allows you to live your life while your trusted advisor carries out your plan. Let Magnus Wealth Management work for you.

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